Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who needs Korean Taco Trucks? DIY with a Korean Taco kit from Costco

Hang it up, Seoul on Wheels. Rethink your business plan, Kogi BBQ. Don't quit your day jobs, TaKorean. And you guys in Amsterdam at Korean Taco Party, you might want to expand your menu, maybe add some funny brownies. The sun is setting on Korean taco trucks; a company called Bamboo Lane has come up with a kit for us Korean taco lovers to nuke and assemble Korean tacos, in the comfort of our own kitchens for about a buck a taco. And it's right there, now, in the refrigerated gourmet prepared foods section of your local Costco, at least in ahead-of-the-curve San Francisco.

"No more waiting in lines behind the masses following the taco truck craze," says the copy on the back of the Bamboo Lane Korean Brand Beef Street Tacos box. "Bamboo Lane has delivered the sensation of Korean style beef tacos to your own kitchen. You can now prepare these delectable tacos by wrapping our succulent Korean BBQ beef strips with our hand pressed soft tortillas and adding shredded monterey jack and cheddar cheese. Make it your very own by adding cabbage, lettuce or cilantro or your favorite vegetables. To top it off and give it an additional kick, drizzle the taco with our mouth watering sriracha sauce. These tacos will make you go loco ('crazy') for more!"
I wasn't inclined to take one for the team on this one, the preparation being a little too complicated for me (having to nuke the meat and tortillas separately, etc.) but in fairness the Santos family in Hawaii took the plunge and liked what they came up with.

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  1. I would be curious to see what Roy Choi thinks about this, but then again, I might not want to be in close proximity to his reaction.

  2. Hey, my LIC neighborhood was graced with the Kimchi Taco Truck today!


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