Friday, January 13, 2012

Nosh-talgia: San Francisco Restaurants 50 Years Ago

As part of some research I'm doing (related to Chinese restaurant chronology in San Francisco) I've been poring over restaurant listings in old City Directories placed online by the SF Genealogy website. The 1962 directory is particularly interesting to me because it's the year I landed in San Francisco and had my first contacts with the local food culture.  Since this time period also happens to be exactly 50 years ago, this information might also be of nostalgia value to others.  Clicking on the file names of the images below will bring up large, readable images of the directory listings from my Flickr account; clicking on "pdf" will take you to the original page on the Internet where I found them.  If there's any interest in these shortcuts I may do something similar for other selected years.

Page 1       pdf

Page 2       pdf

Page 3       pdf
Page 4     pdf
Page 5     pdf

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