Friday, June 24, 2011

Hugh Schick's Coming New Shtick: The "Brewtruc" -- A Mobile Microbrew Beer Lounge

Hugh Schick, Executive Chef and one of the brains behind the le truc “bustaurant” (which brought on-board food truck dining to the Bay Area) loves good beer. In his Off the Grid:Fort Mason Center debut, he ragged on Matt Cohen for not providing decent beer at the event bar. It's probably a coincidence, but Off the Grid:Fort Mason Center 2.0 now features a separate craft beer bar. But Schick, who’s largely absent from le truc's 4th and Brannan home these days (it’s rumored that he’s being squeezed out by the truck's investors for not being sufficiently housebroken) wants to take the pairing of haute truck food with craft beer a giant step further. A genial obsessive that the late Warren Oates would have liked to play on screen, he’s developing a craft beer truck (“the brewtruc”) that will legally serve the finest new local microbrewery products on board at food truck events, and even in transit.
Working with an old yellow school bus (which le truc also started life as), he’s planning a clubby interior with 6 taps, leather seating, and lots of hardwood, brass, copper, and plants, but no kitchen. He’s promising collaborative and small-batch beers from the area's hottest nanobreweries (Pacific Brewing Lab, Elizabeth Street, etc.) along with bigger names like Dogfish Head and Lagunitas, and perhaps even favorite Muddy Puddle. How has he handled the legal niceties? He’ll be operating under a limousine license, and you will have to secure a reservation before boarding and enjoying his offerings. He’s hoping to smooth the process using an on-line agent for last-minute reservations, should you spot the truck and develop a sudden thirst.
Follow the brewtruc's Facebook page or this blog for updates on the status of Hugh's project.
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  1. A limo license! That's sneaky. And pretty cool.


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